Digital TV Amplifier with Signal Finder VP4


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Digital TV Amplifier with Signal Finder VP4
The Vision Plus VP4 Digital Amplifier with signal finder is fully wideband for television transmissions and is designed to be used with Vision Plus STATUS antennas with orange logos that do not have pullout telescopics.

It can also be used with the following range of antennas that only provide a TV output: IMAGE 410, IMAGE 420 IMAGE 440, IMAGE 610 and IMAGE 620.

This unique product also incorporates a dedicated Signal Finder to locate your nearest / strongest TV signal transmitters.

This powerful amplifier with high gain and low noise capabilities will ensure improved performance, especially in those areas that suffer with poor reception.


On/Off switch
Variable gain control
2 TV outputs

Frequency Range UHF 470-860 Mhz
Amplifier Gain Max 18db
Gain Adjustment 15db
Flatness +1.5db
Noise Figure 2.8db
Output Impedance 75ohms
Signal Handling 80dbuv#
Power Supply 10.8-28v DC
Power Consumption 85ma
Dimensions 115wx46hx28d (mm)


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